Samuel MATHEY, an international consultant


Samuel MATHEY is an international consultant and professor of economics and

management, specialized on issues of entrepreneurship, debt and finance. Samuel holds a

doctorate (Ph.D.) in Economics and an MBA from the University of Delaware and the Ohio

State University in the USA.

Samuel had been a serial entrepreneur before going into academics, he created a dozen of

companies and he employed over 200 people in his last venture. He teaches in the

United States, Europe and Africa at various business schools (HEC Paris, BEM Dakar,

ECG…). Samuel has worked with major consulting, auditing and accounting firms (including

KPMG and PwC) and for different governments and institutions consulting projects (US

government, WorldBank…)

Samuel has recently been instrumental in the forging of the Ivorian national strategic

development plan 2016 – 2020 as a coordinator for the private sector participation as well

as the forging of the national SME development strategic plan. He has been a key adviser

to the first Ivoirian minister of entrepreneurship and SME and was in charge of national

entrepreneurship and SME policy and strategy.


President and Founder of AFFEED

Samuel is the President and Founder of AFFEED (African Foundation for Entrepreneurship

and Economic Development), an NGO that advocate the cause of entrepreneurship in

Africa and the concept of Zero Capital Entrepreneurs that he has advocated in his book

on the issue. Among other projects, he is as well the president and founder of

Gouvbarometre, a citizen governance and democracy application that allow citizens in any

country to rate elected officials and members of their government. He initiated an Award

promoting African entrepreneurs in the diaspora, the DELALI Awards Samuel is contributor and expert on economics, entrepreneurship issues with several medias and magazines across Africa and Europe (Africa 24 TV, Tycoon Magazine…).

Samuel is a member of several associations, including the Academy of Management, the

American Economic Association, the Black MBA Association (the umbrella organization of

black American business intelligentsia).